Our Philosophy

The Academy for e-Learning believes that each employee makes an important contribution to your workplace community. Your staff have talents and expertise that are unique and valuable to the sustained success of your business. We are committed to providing affordable training & guided support to individuals and the organizations for which they work. This is accomplished through providing relevant learning opportunities which cultivate talent and grow leadership skills.

Your Employees are Your Competitive Edge!

The need to be competitive and remain profitable is what drives companies to invest in their employees; because of the rapidly changing environment and technologies, the only way to achieve that is to constantly develop employees through continuous learning. All individuals benefit from continued development - regardless of their specific skill set, specialty, or focus, their roles and responsibilities are constantly changing, and thus require them to evolve and adapt to these challenges. Imagine for a moment a creative and flexible team with an exceptional work ethic, the capability to solve problems, are communicative and able to prioritize as well as multi-task! Everyone wins – both the employee AND the organization.

Three Areas of Focus

We're constantly growing our content based on our client's feedback and needs. Check back often to see what's new!

  • Management & Leadership Series

  • Soft Skill Development Series

  • Workplace Health & Wellness Series

Meet the Team


Vicki Maurer

Vicki has a strong background encompassing over three decades in the areas of training and development, leadership, management & human resources. She has a Bachelor's degree in Organizational & Interpersonal Communication. With a strong belief in providing ongoing professional growth & development, Vicki believes all organizations should "invest in their best" - their staff.

Senior Business Facilitator

A.J. Vollmoeller

A.J. is a career recruiter and sales professional who currently owns a staffing agency, career services & resume writing service. He’s also starred in a few different reality shows. Yes, really! He’s one of those rare individuals who loves Monday mornings because he gets to wake up and do what he loves: help people find jobs or advance their careers. A.J. recently published the international best-selling book How to NOT Get Hired and has been a guest expert on many podcasts. He loves to speak on topics such as hiring and retention for businesses and career advice for individuals. He has over two decades of experience in the world of staffing, hiring, and onboarding. After closing over $35 million in accepted job offers, we think it’s safe to say that he’s the go-to resource in the industry.

Client Services Specialist

Nomi Graves

Nomi has been a client service advocate for her entire professional career. Her passion is helping others solve a problem or achieve a goal—which is exactly why she fits in so great here at the Academy! She lives her life in service to others, believing that you must have the interest, motivation, and commitment to be successful. Spending time on the water soothes Nomi’s soul. So much, in fact, that she spent an entire year living on a boat! As her mom always said, she walks to the beat of her own drummer! No matter the tune, she’s always looking for a way to serve the next person. It doesn't hurt that she loves Dachshunds and has two of her own as well!

We're Obsessed with Your Success!

The Academy for e-Learning strives to empower the deep and meaningful learning of concepts, skills, and the necessary processes involved for positive, sustainable results for you and your company. Our micro-learning courses allow participants to convert skills into strengths in a convenient, flexible and condensed format. We can also provide a personalized approach to the learning experience with both one-on-one coaching and opportunities to be part of a learning community with follow-up virtual workshops. Our goal is to train you, or your staff to better serve your business, your customers and the advancement of your mission.

Our Clients Love Us!

Need proof? Let them tell you themselves...

"A Valuable and Convenient Training Tool"

Jennifer DeBolt

"I found the courses in Academy for e-Learning to be extremely relevant to the many challenges we face in business today. The material is applicable for both a new hire or a seasoned professional that needs a fresh look on their role. The lessons are easy to follow, well organized and rich in concepts and ideas. I definitely recommend this as a valuable and convenient training tool for all organizations wishing to support their employee's professional growth."

"An excellent coach & mentor"

Dr. Jim Vernon

"I met Vicki over 15 years ago and consider her a great colleague. She has considerable strength in training, hiring of staff, monitoring work efforts, and individual and team motivation. She is an excellent coach working with teams to achieve common goals. Any organization would be stronger with Vicki mentoring their team."

"On a Level Above All"

John Mathias

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Vicki Maurer as a training professional with expertise in staff development and operations. I have known Vicki for over 20 years. Throughout that time, I have used Vicki as a training source with great success. Vicki's knowledge and ability to train others whether it be in sales, customer service, or any department, is on a level above all. Her passion & enthusiasm are very contagious. Vicki's extensive experience has earned her the title of a true educational professional. Every group out there today should be so fortunate to utilize Vicki and her experience & knowledge to improve and increase their outcomes."

"Met and Exceeded Goals Consistently"

Cathy Koluch

"Vicki was a dedicated leader at a post-secondary school where I was the Director. She led a team of Admissions Representatives that not only met but exceeded goals consistently. She increased overall conversions of leads to starts. Vicki was instrumental in growing our student population significantly. I highly recommend Vicki."

"Improves Lives as well as Organizations"

Colleen Ramos, Ph.D.

"I had the pleasure of working with Vicki for two years. Vicki is a passionate educator that brings innovation & excellence to any organization. She believes in improving lives as well as organizations. She is strategic in her work & strives to achieve the goals set for herself & for the organization."

"An Inspiring Leader"

Gregory Pelz

"Vicki is an inspiring leader with innovative ideas that build relationships to achieve team goals. She is a positive influence which results in bringing out the best in team members."

"An Exceptional Leader"

Robert Cappel

"Vicki is an exceptional leader. Her ability to effectively train, motivate, coach, evaluate & correct, as well as build a solid, effective team was second to none.

"Breath of Fresh Air"

Toni Castillo, Ed.D

"Vicki is a breath of fresh air. She lends comfort to what can sometimes be very tenuous topics. Her humor & genuine approach to the higher education space is a real welcomed change."

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